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Arithmetic partnership

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1. A and B invested a sum of Rs.6300 and Rs.7200 respectively in their business. After a few months, B withdrew 25% of his investment. If at the end of the year A received Rs.7000 profit out of Rs.13,500, then find after how many months did B withdraw 25% of his investment?

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2. A started a business by investing Rs.4,200 and after 2 months B joined by investing Rs.3,000. At the end of 4 months from the start of the business, C joined with an investment of Rs.6,000, At the end of 10 months from the start of the business, A added an additional amount of Rs.1,800. If A’s share in the annual profit was Rs.1,620. What was the total annual profit?

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3. The time period and investments of A, B and C are in the ratio of 3: 4: 10 and 8: 4: 9 respectively and the dif- ference between the profit share of B and C is 6290, then find the overall profit earned by all of them together.

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4. A started business with Rs.75,000 after 1 year, B joined him with Rs.45,000, after two years from the start of the business they both invest- ed an additional amount of Rs.25,000 each. If at the end of 3 years they earned a profit of Rs.58400, Find A’s share in the profit

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5. A, B and C enter into a partnership. A invests Rs.8000 for the whole year, B puts in Rs.12000 at the first and increasing to Rs.16000 at the end of 4 months, while C puts in at first Rs. 16000 but withdraw Rs.4000 at the end of 9 months. Find the profit of A at the end of year, if the total profit is Rs.22600.

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6. A and B started a business with capi- tal Rs.7000 and Rs.5000 respectively. After 9 months A withdrew Rs.2000 and B added Rs.3000 to their respec- tive investments. Find the ratio in which their profit should be distrib- uted at the end of one year.

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7. A and B started a business. Amount invested by B was twice of that invest- ed by A. 6 months from the start of the business, A invested an additional amount of Rs.1000 and B withdrew Rs.2000. If the annual profit earned was distributed among A and B in the respective ratio of 5: 6, what was A’s initial investment?

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8. X and Y started a business with initial investments of Rs.2500 and Rs.4000 respectively. After a few months X left the business. If at the end of the year, the ratio of profits of X and Y is 5: 12 then find the number of months X was in business?

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9. A and B started a business investing Rs.1200 for ‘x’ months and Rs.1600 for 7 months, respectively. Out of total profit of Rs.4600, profit share of B is Rs.2800. Find the value of x.

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10. A invested of Rs.1200 in a business. At the end of 8 months from the start of the business, B joined with Rs.2000 and A left. If A’s share in annual profit was Rs.2700, what was the total annual profit?

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