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This Practice test is on Arithmetic Mixtures and Alligations Test 1 and is very much useful for all competitive exams.

Total Questions : 10 , Total Time : 10 Minutes and Pass Percentage : 30% .. ALL THE BEST!!

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Arithmetic Mixtures and Alligations

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1. In what proportion must a grocer mix wheat at Rs.9.50 per kg and Rs.13.60 per kg so as to make a mixture worth Rs.10.50 per kg?

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2. A mixture of a certain quantity of milk with 39 litres of water is worth 60 paise per litre. If pure milk is worth 75 paise per litre, how much milk (in litres) is there in the mixture?

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3. A merchant has 168 kg of rice, one part of which he sells at 48% profit and the rest at 75% profit. He gained 63% on the whole. Find the quantity (in kgs) sold at 75%.

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4. A merchant had 54 kg of pulse. He sells one part at a profit of 12% and other at 15% loss. Overall he had a gain of 9%. Find the quantity (in kgs) of pulses, which he sold at 12% profit.

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5. 488 g of salt solution has 45% salt in it. How much salt (in grams) should be added to make it 60% in the solution?

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6. In two types of stainless steel, the ratio of chromium and steel are 5: 7 and 7: 4, respectively. In what proportion should the two types be mixed, so that the ratio of chromium to steel in the mixed type becomes 9: 117

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7. In a mixture of 84 litres the ratio of acid and water is 5: 2. If the ratio of acid and water is to be 27, then the amount of water (in litres) to be added to the mix- ture is….

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8. In what ratio must a mixture of 28% alcohol be mixed with another mixture of 64% alcohol so that the resultant mixture contains 44% alcohol?

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9. Fresh fruits contain 83% water by weight and dry fruits contain 15% waterby weight. How many kgs. of dry fruits can be obtained from 96 kgs. of fresh fruits?

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10. A money lender lends a part of a sum of Rs.9600 at 6% interest and the rest at 9% interest. If the total annual inter- est received on the sum at the end of a year is Rs.600, how much did he lend at 9% interest? (In Rs.)

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